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Beijing Sports and Entertainment Industry Group ( The BJSE Group) is a company listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited ( Stock code is 01803.HK), It is an indirect non-wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited (The BG Group) which focus on investment and project management in sports and entertainment industry. Ever since incorporated, The BJSE Group has devoted to investing and improving sports and entertainment industry, promoting national fitness and cultural undertakings. The BJSE Group is endowed with advanced industrial technology, strengths in investing and financing, government relationship as well as international industrial resources.

  • Exploitation, investment, construction and operation of the innovative and multifunctional sports parks and air-structured stadiums; offering construction and operation solutions thereto.
  • Building ice-and-snow-themed amusement parks which enables the Group to lead the industry.
  • Investment, operation and commercial management of sporting projects.
  • Operation of Sports club.
  • Development, investment and operation of sport-related media.
five major
Sports sector: innovative sports park

The Group is aiming at, over cities and suburbs, constructing all-weather, innovative and multifunctional air-structured stadiums which are environmentally-controllable, energy saving, temperature-and-humidity-modifiable. Such stadiums would be furnished with various outdoor sports facilities such as footpath and cycle-path; operated in modern and systemic management methods with diverse contents such as sporting events, sporting training courses and athletic rehabilitation.

Entertainment and cultural sector: ice-and-snow themed parks.

Beijing won the bid to hold 24th Winter Olympic Games in 2022. Focusing on the winter sports industry, we introduced concepts, research and development, investment, construction and operation – the ice and snow-themed amusement parks with air dome as the core structure manifested and enriched the industry. We hope that the establishment of a landmark would propel an advancement of the surroundings with a new way of life and business mode, and further change the skyline of a city by integrating winter game-related creativity, cultural themed paradise, touristic experiences and ways of life into commercially viable operation for recording this era.

Systematic operations of innovative stadium

Through investment and operation of various sports training institutes and sports-related clubs, we established a professional operation and management platform of stadiums encompassing sports fitness (such as football, basketball, tennis and badminton), training courses, recreation and parent-child interaction. The Group held sports stadiums and contracted stadiums paved the way for quality services, including vocational training, youth training, coach training, sports events, and parent-child entertainment, which significantly contributed to the Group’s core competence, and ultimately, we cultivated professional and branded management operation team.

Operation of Sports Clubs

We run business promotion for professional sports clubs including operations of Beijing BG Phoenix Women Football Club and Beijing BG Baseball Club. Such business promotion involves holding of events, commercial activities and public good for the clubs.

The operation and development in Media field.

As an emerging business model, our innovative structured stadium offers facade-based media for advertisement clients. We further upgrade the stadium’s operational methods and built media platforms by utilizing intelligent hardware and internet applications. We also introduced qualified contents through collaboration with various media, so as to provide diverse services to innovative and standard sports stadiums.

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